Radio Flare (Classic)

Radio Flare

Radio Flare is a music shoot’em up for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Propelled by radio flares, your space ship speeds pulsing though deep space, taking you on a journey through music and space at the same time. Radio Flare invites you to experience a beautifully modeled space trip accompanied by an interactive electronica soundtrack. Immerse yourself in a synaesthetic world of flow. Play Radio Flare.

Radio Flare was an early iPhone game, published in 2008. It was nominated for the Audio Achievement at the Independent Games Festival 2009 and a finalist at IndieCade 2009.

A game by DJ Glow (soundtrack), Markus Kappel (voice recording), Fares Kayali (game & sound design), Alexander Kvasnicka (art), Martin Pichlmair (game design & code), Katharina Schwarz (voice acting)

Available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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