Ablate planets into extinction in the ever lasting race for space crystals!

Globetrotters is a game for up to 4 players. Each player uses a single keyboard button (Q,X,O,M) to boost from planet to planet with their jetpack equipped astronaut.

Collect all the crystals before any of the other players can get them!

Running on the surface of a planet will slowly shrink it until it’s gone. After 5 rounds, the player with the most crystals wins the game.

Play Globetrotters online!

Also available for the iPad.

Globetrotters is a game by Peter Vorlaufer, Felix Bohatsch, Jan Hackl, Martin Pichlmair, Clemens Scott & Ufuoma Ohwosoro.


Infiltrate the 16 color universe!
In order to do so, you need to trick the system by merging puzzle stones with it’s surrounding.
The deeper you get inside the system, the trickier it will be to deceive it. Overlapping another player with the right color is the key to unlock more levels.

Play Decepticolor online!

Decepticolor is a game by Jan Hackl & Peter Vorlaufer, Josef Schuh, Max Angerbauer, Simon Wallner & Thomas Heingärtner

Hue Shift

Hue Shift is an addictive endless action platformer.

You are controlling a pixel that can shift its color to red, green and blue. Climb as high as you can by matching your hue to the color of the platforms. Beware, only platforms with your color are solid!

Get into the flow of shifting colors, climb the ever changing tower and the global leaderboard!

Watch the trailer or

Play Hue Shift online!

As a thank you for your support, we are giving away the soundtrack of Hue Shift one hundred percent free, exclusively via

Hue Shift is a game by Josef Schuh.

Fat Boy Feast

Vampires – the scourge of the night!

Keep up with the rotation of the earth while avoiding priests and staying away from the burning sunrays of the morning. Feast upon your victims to turn them into mindless minions! Leech their blood to regain running energy and drive forth an ever spinning cycle until your inevitable doom.

In development.

Fat Boy Feast! is a game by Peter Vorlaufer, Florian Landerl, Simon Wallner & Clemens Scott.

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