Radio Flare REDUX HD

Redefining both the shoot-’em-up and the rhythm action genre, Radio Flare REDUX is a side-scrolling, multi-touch shoot-’em-up thrill-ride, featuring retina-popping visuals and tub-thumping club anthems – now fully remastered in stunning high definition for the Apple iPad.

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A game by Fares Kayali (game & sound design, production), Martin Pichlmair (game design, code) and Alexander Kvasnicka (art).

Available for iPhone/iPod Touch and as an HD version for the iPad.

Zombies vs. Sheep

Tap to shoot! Tilt to move! Shake to reload!

Zombies vs. Sheep is a frenetic tap-to-shoot game set in a mexican-themed shooting gallery. As the evening gets darker you will face more and stronger enemies. You are the last hope of the sheep.

The game features 10 levels and is played in survival mode — save sheep after sheep. Be sure to upgrade your sheep in the store to be able to keep up!

Zombies vs. Sheep features a unique cardboard cutout graphic style, a lively Mariachi-style soundtrack and is easy to pick up: Shoot your shotgun by tapping on the screen. Pick up the assault rifle and spray the zombies, bats and phoenixes with bullets. Set up chain reactions with dynamite.

A game by Martin Pichlmair (Game Design, Programming, Art), Fares Kayali (Production, Sound Design, Quality Assurance) and Mario Dancso (Music & Sound Effects)

Available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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